Vector Mechanics For Engineers; Statics & Dynamics - Ferdinand P. Beer, E. Russell Johnston Jr, David F. Mazurek & Phillip J. Cornwell (10th Edition)


1.    Introduction
2.    Statics of Particles
3.    Rigid Bodies: Equivalent Systems of Forces
4.    Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies
5.    Distributed Forces: Centroids and Centers of Gravity
6.    Analysis of Structures
7.    Forces in Beams and Cables
8.    Friction
9.    Distributed Forces: Moments of Inertia
10. Method of Virtual Work
11. Kinematics of Particles
12. Kinetics of Particles: Newton´s Second Law
13. Kinetics of Particles: Energy and Momentum Methods
14. Systems of Particles
15. Kinematics of Rigid Bodies
16. Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies: Forces and Accelerations
17. Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies: Energy and Momentum Methods
18. Kinetics of Rigid Bodies in Three Dimensions
19. Mechanical Vibrations


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